Powerful features

We give you the tools to reach new audiences, generate high-quality leads and drive your business growth.

Amazon cloud hosting for your documents

Your documents are hosted using the Amazon Web Services (AWS). Thereby we guarantee an availability of 99,9%, that your documents are always available, no matter how many readers call at the same time.

Ultra-fast rendering of documents

Creating an online document is surprisingly simple. Simply upload a PDF document to Bote.com with just a few clicks. Titles and tags are automatically read out and can still be edited if necessary.

Worldwide community with 150 million users

With Bote Not only do you get a powerful publishing solution, you also get a whole community of readers, customers and leads for free. Our reach covers 150 million unique users per year.

Exklusiv: Powerful Bote™ Power-Editor

Multimedia elements, whether link, video, slideshow or sound, can be easily dragged and dropped onto any page and are directly adjustable in size and position. If this is too imprecise for you, you have the option of defining pixel-precise.

Unique: the "One-Click-Sharing" feature

Your users and you can share content from your digital documents on Facebook and Co. Of course, a single page or an entire document can also be forwarded by e-mail. Especially for Facebook and Pinterest any section can be shared on one page.

Optimized content for each device

Our optimization process always displays your content in the right size for the device. Everything on your smartphone is compressed to a convenient size without any loss of quality, whereas content on your Retina screen is just bursting with resolution.

Whitelabel solution for own branding

Apply the corporate design (background color, logo, favicon, domain, etc.) of your website or brand. Every product from Bote & trade; can be provided with your very distinctive design and look and feel.

Automatically optimize content for Google & Co

If you have a PDF uploading all the information is extracted and processed for the main search engines. As a result, content is found much faster than with conventional PDFs.

We take care of software maintenance

You do not have to download, install, or maintain the software. Furthermore, you are not bound to a fixed location. Our software is easily accessed via the browser and is always up to date.

Integration via Embed-Wizard

Each Published document on Bote can be easily integrated into the own website via embed code. Size, colors and many additional options regarding the appearance of the document can be adjusted as desired.

Full control via access settings

Control access to your documents has or define individual pages as read samples. With these features, preview workflows, private documents and read samples with Call to Action elements can be implemented.

No page limit for your documents

There are no restrictions on the number of pages of documents. You can upload up to 3 documents with unlimited pages. Even PDF files that are 600MB in size are processed - especially for very thick catalogs.

Download and print function

Your readers should also get a static PDF for download or want to use a print function directly in the document? With messenger & trade; no problem. These features can be enabled or disabled for each document.

Configurable Publication Period

With this function, the document will only be visible for a predefined period of time and will be hidden after the deadline expires. This is perfect for seasonal documents and special, time-limited offers.

Precise insights into your own target group

AAll visits, page views and reader behavior can be recorded and evaluated using Google Analytics. They recognize where your visitors come from, what they read and can respond to the interests of their readers.

HD quality for all your texts and images

With Bote all your content is rendered in HD quality - and that fast. So today, become a messenger & trade; Customer and enjoy your documents as your readers and customers deserve - in HD quality!

Predefinable zoom factor

Define exactly which zoom factor the reader of your document reaches with one click. Properly adjusted - depending on the size of the magazine - you can increase the reading pleasure of your readers by a multiple.

Personalized advertising video

Promote your documents with your own video. Decide for yourself which content pages, next to the cover, should be presented in your video. The generated promotional video can be used via embed.