Revolutionize your growth strategy. Publish today with Bote™:

E-papers that achieve enormous reach

Multiply your reach and thereby your circulation. Thanks to the innovative technology of Bote™ Your e-papers are catapulted to the top in Google & Co's search results. Additionally you have on the messenger & trade; Platform the opportunity to reach a community of over 150 million active users.

Lower printing costs

Printing costs for magazines are extremely high and continue to increase incessantly every year. With messenger & trade; Upload your content only once, reaching millions of readers.

Increase website rankings

It's easy to embed your e-papers on your website. In this way, you sustainably reduce the bounce rates and thereby increase the length of stay. This leads to higher rankings for your website.


Flipbooks search engines will love

Our Bote™ Technology analyzes your content and optimizes it exactly as the search engines love it. With messenger & trade; published content is added up to 2.5x faster in the Google search index.

The turbo for lead generation

Start the lead generation turbo by using Bote™ for your flipbooks. By integrating forms in your flipbooks, you simply collect data from users.

Increase brand awareness

With the Bote™ Platform you can reach thousands of people every day. The Bote™ community is growing rapidly and thus your brand awareness increases as if by itself.


Magazines that can optimally monetize you

Publish and monetize your magazines online using the latest technology. And that simply on the basis of your existing print data.

Additional competitive advantage

Google loves content in a variety of forms. With messenger & trade; Get a brand new format that Google loves and is currently revolutionizing the entire online landscape.

Increase user interaction

Bote™ gives you the ability to publish interactive content that your audience really interacts with. It's easy to show or hide items, add audio, video and more.


Catalogs that sustainably increase your sales

Bote™ shows your catalogs to the right customers at the right time. Compared to other marketing channels, digital catalogs on our platform achieve up to 253% higher sales.

Place your products in the top spots

Turn your catalogs into true Google ranking talents! Your content will be optimized to the latest standards and placed high in Google's results.

Reduce customer acquisition costs

Google Ads, Facebook Ads, and Display Marketing all have one thing in common. The costs for a new customer are usually very high. With messenger & trade; you continuously receive customers. And that already from 0.59 USD per day!


Brochures that attract buyers automatically

Get with the Bote™ Platform for your brochures Millions of visitors to Google, Facebook and more Watch as your brand grows and sales increase.

Even more sales via image search

23% of all Google searches start with a picture search. Bote™ extracts product images from your brochure and optimizes them for a high ranking in image search.

Positively influence the purchase decision

By enriching catalogs with multimedia elements, the purchase decision of the users is positively influenced. On average, Bote™ platform customers generate 3.5x more sales within the first year.


How it works:
3 steps to the maximum growth.

Bote™ optimizes the contents of your PDF magazines, catalogs and brochures the way the search engines love them. This will give you enormous amounts of free traffic. You just have to follow the three following steps.

01. PDF Upload

Once you have uploaded your PDF to Bote™, we start the analysis process to identify faces, objects and scenes in your magazines.

02. Enrich

With the Bote™ Power Editor the integration of videos, music or picture galleries is a breeze. All this is possible with just a few clicks.

03. Prublish

After you publish your publication, our Predictive Recommendation Engine ensures maximum traffic and brand awareness.

Grow in record time.
Maximize reach and generate new users.

Your business requires presence. We have the solution. The Bote™ Publishing Platform is designed to provide maximum growth for your business.

  1. Generate more traffic and brand awareness

    With the powerful publishing tools from Bote™ achieve your goals faster and easier. Lean back while our Predictive Recommendation engine optimally places your content, driving traffic and brand awareness.

  2. Increase conversions & sales

    Long-term tests show that affine and interested users convert up to 93% better and have a 37% higher shopping cart value. We show your content to the right users at the perfect time. This increases the conversion rate and creates a sustainable increase in your sales.

  3. Increase your website ranking

    Catapult your website rankings to the top - without expensive agencies or complicated SEO tools. It's simple: positive user signals are one of the top 3 ranking factors. By including your publications on your website, you can demonstrably reduce the bounce rates by up to 50%, thereby increasing the length of stay. Google will reward you with improved rankings.

  4. Bote™ makes your lead generation unstoppable

    Get more registrations of qualified high-intentioned leads. Launch the lead generation turbo by using Bote™ for your publications. By integrating forms in your publications, you can easily collect data from users.

  5. Leave your competition behind

    Surpass your competition and position your solutions at the right time by using the smartest 360° publishing solution. The Bote™ Tracking tools give you deep insights into your audience and how it interacts with your content. This allows you to make better informed decisions based on real data.

From startups to Fortune 500, more than 675,000 companies generate maximum growth with Bote™.

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Benefits appreciated by thousands of our customers every day:

Increase Google-Traffic

More traffic without expensive agencies and ads? Bote catapults your content to the top in Google results! Our special technology ensures content is indexed and you receive free traffic.

Lead Generation Automation

Bote™ connects connecting your content with the right people. Now is the time to tie these people to your brand. Maximize the power of your content strategy by integrating "lead forms" into your content.

Maximize sales

Leads are great, but paying customers are better. The innovative Predictive Recommendation engine shows your content, offers or products to the right users at the perfect time. This is how you can exploit your sales potential even better.

Reduce costs by up to 75%

The cost of printing is tremendous, and you can never be sure that your content reaches the right audience. Messenger & trade; Change that and show your content to the perfect audience at the right time.

Increase brand awareness

Gain massive brand awareness by sharing your message with interactive content in brand-safe, highly visible environments in the world's leading marketing channels such as Google, Facebook & Co.

Additional competitive advantage

Let's face it. Google loves content. But what Google loves even more is new forms of content. Get a brand new format that is currently revolutionizing the entire online landscape.

Web Publishing

With Bote™ you can easily embed your publication on your website or blog. In this way, you sustainably reduce the bounce rates and thereby increase the length of stay. This leads to higher rankings for your website.

Social Publishing

According to a study, 75% of male and 83% of female Internet users use social networks. Get targeted social traffic by simply sharing your content on Facebook & Co with our one-click system.

App Publishing

Offer your magazines for sale or subscription with your custom app. As a result, iPhone, iPad and Android users can now buy their magazines directly from your app.