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Increase Google-Traffic

More traffic without expensive agencies and ads? Bote catapults your content to the top in Google results! Our special technology ensures content is indexed and you receive free traffic.

Lead Generation Automation

Bote™ connects connecting your content with the right people. Now is the time to tie these people to your brand. Maximize the power of your content strategy by integrating "lead forms" into your content.

Maximize sales

Leads are great, but paying customers are better. The innovative Predictive Recommendation engine shows your content, offers or products to the right users at the perfect time. This is how you can exploit your sales potential even better.

Reduce costs by up to 75%

The cost of printing is tremendous, and you can never be sure that your content reaches the right audience. Messenger & trade; Change that and show your content to the perfect audience at the right time.

Increase brand awareness

Gain massive brand awareness by sharing your message with interactive content in brand-safe, highly visible environments in the world's leading marketing channels such as Google, Facebook & Co.

Additional competitive advantage

Let's face it. Google loves content. But what Google loves even more is new forms of content. Get a brand new format that is currently revolutionizing the entire online landscape.

Web Publishing

With Bote™ you can easily embed your publication on your website or blog. In this way, you sustainably reduce the bounce rates and thereby increase the length of stay. This leads to higher rankings for your website.

Social Publishing

According to a study, 75% of male and 83% of female Internet users use social networks. Get targeted social traffic by simply sharing your content on Facebook & Co with our one-click system.

App Publishing

Offer your magazines for sale or subscription with your custom app. As a result, iPhone, iPad and Android users can now buy their magazines directly from your app.

The 360° Publishing Platform that increases your traffic, leads and sales.

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