Create your own epaper from PDF
with the software from Bote™

In just a few steps you can convert your publications into an PDF e-paper.
Whether it is for example a brochure or a trade magazine.

01. Upload PDF

After registering, you can immediately start creating exciting e-papers. To do this, simply upload a PDF with your content, which you can adapt in the editor.

02. Create reading expierience

Adding images, videos, image galleries, links and audio files is no longer a problem with the Bote™ power editor. So you can create a multimedia experience that inspires readers.

03. Publish

With Bote™ the distribution of your e-paper is quickly done. In just a few clicks you can share the publication on social media, send it by email and integrate it on your website.

Make e-paper from PDF - countless applications

Flip page e-papers can be used in a wide range of applications:

  • Internet marketing:
    Offer the visitors of your website additional information or an exciting e-paper that encourages the readers to stay. Search engines reward the increased traffic and longer retention time with a better search engine ranking. The HTML conversion also ensures that Google & Co can read your content better.
  • In working environment:
    Use the digital e-paper for annual reports, offers and internal communication. This form of information dissemination is also in line with a sustainable business philosophy. In addition, you simplify your archiving process.
  • Suitable for any form of publication:
    No matter whether you are a private person running a blog. A gastronomer who wants to present his menu. Or regularly launch product catalogues. HTML epaper from Bote™ the right product for you in any case. The easy handling, the cost-effective use and the unlimited number of pages are just a few of our advantages.

Focus on sustainability

The topic of sustainability is in the focus of many consumers. And this topic will become increasingly important in the future. Rely on tomorrow today and opt for the more sustainable, 100% paper-free solution for publications - flip page e-papers.

  1. Get creative
    The epaper software from Bote™ not only supports you in the creation of online content. It also offers you numerous design options that turn your publication into an interactive experience for the reader. In the editor of Bote™ you can expand your e-paper and add photos to the document. But unlike a print version, our innovative solution for digital publications allows you to include not only rigid content. You can also integrate interactive content such as audio files or videos. Your readers will love this novel reading experience.

  2. Increase brand awareness on the internet with e-papers
    Most people nowadays obtain information on the Internet. A visible presence on the Internet is indispensable if you want to promote your brand and win new customers. A web presence with a website that informs about your brand, your company or your concern is just the beginning. It has to be visible. Additonal the interested parties want more, they want to be entertained. With the software from Bote™ you can easily share your content on online channels including your website. And thus constantly provide new input to your customers.

  3. Advantage through innovation
    The Bote™ software is an innovative tool to get the most out of your PDF e-paper. HTML conversion, for example, ensures that search engines can better index the content. This makes your content more visible on the internet and searchers will find it easier to find you.

  4. Get to know your target group
    If you are planning more than one online publication, it is important to understand what exactly interests your readers. Take advantage of the built-in tracking tool, which provides valuable data about your readers' reading habits. This way you can restructure future e-papers and tailor them to the interests of your readers.

  5. Best availability
    Our Amazon Cloud solution ensures that your e-paper is always available and loads quickly. In addition, the e-papers created with Bote™ are responsive. This means they are optimally displayed regardless of screen size and end device. Thus your content is available anytime and anywhere. With our HD quality, we also ensure that your epaper is visually convincing.


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