About us


Bote™ was founded in 2018 by YummyPublishing GmbH in Dornbirn, Austria. The city of Dornbirn is known for its exemplary economic development.

With this example and many years of experience in the digital sector, it was only natural for Bote™ to launch a sustainable product on the market.

According to the WWF, every second industrially felled tree is processed into paper. This means that the paper industry is crucial for the future of our forests.

And so the idea of a 100% paperless publishing tool was born. Bote™ customers are now able to digitize different types of print materials easily, quickly and cost-effectively. The PDFs give the reader the feeling of flipping through a real magazine - except that the material is completely digital and sustainable.


Bote™ has the following advantages: 

Magazines, newspapers, catalogs, instruction manuals, menus and brochures can be easily stored in the cloud.

Archiving is much easier

Data can be found at any time from any mobile device

Minimal production costs

Wide reach

Embedding of different media and effects

100% paper-free

Adaptation to changes in users’ media behavior


Try Bote™ and set an example for environmental protection!

Go paperless and increase your content's reach online! Start with us into a green future and get our bote.com certificate.
Choose the imagery of your choice, add it to your website and link to bote.com to show your visitors your efforts towards sustainability.
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