Advantages of the flipbook software:
only Bote™ can do this

With the help of Bote™ and the HTML5 flipbooks offered here, you can make your PDF reader and search engine friendly in just a few steps. And all this in HD quality.

01. Register and get started

Upload your content as PDF. Bote™ converts your PDF document into HTML text in just a few steps and makes your online flipbook readable for any search engine.

02. Add media

The Power Editor lets you easily add videos, music or pictures to your flipbook. Useful features that inspire readers and set you apart from conventional publications.

03. Networking

Embed your digital flipbook on your website or share it through other channels such as social media. The one-click sharing feature makes this task easier.

Reduce your paper consumption and create your PDF flipbook today:

  • Ultra fast rendering:
    You can render your documents ultra-fast and easily store them in the Amazon Cloud. The digital flipbooks can be customized for every currently popular device.
  • Extend your reach::
    The more different the advertising channels, the easier it is for potential customers to find your offer in search engines such as Google, Yahoo, etc. The traffic on your homepage increases dramatically.
  • Stay in control:
    With Bote™ you always have full control over all access to your document and can decide when and for how long the flipbook should be published.
  • Data Mining:
    People who shop online leave important information that can help you to adapt your product to the target group. Age, media usage, gender and first contact with the product are, for example, important data for your marketing.

New possibilities with little effort

The technology of the flipbook maker is intentionally kept simple and makes it possible for everyone to become a "publisher" and benefit from the advantages of digital flip books.

  1. For the sake of the environment: create flipbooks and protect nature with Bote™
    Using Bote™ to create a page flip PDF is an active contribution to environmental protection. If you are also against the increasing deforestation of forests and the production of waste, paperless e-publication is certainly the right solution for you. Make your contribution with Bote™.

  2. High quality reading: HD resolution
    When using flipbooks, the quality of the resolution is particularly important. HD quality makes your publication more valuable and reading more enjoyable. One of the strengths of Bote™ lies in the conversion of simple PDFs into high-resolution HTML5 flipbooks.

  3. 3. Flipping pages instead of scrolling
    Just like a normal book, you can simply turn the pages of a flipbook. This way the reading experience reminds you of classic books and magazines. There is no need to scroll, which is otherwise common for digital devices, and the search function makes it easier for you to find important passages.

  4. Cost-efficient and resource-saving
    In print, page numbers can quickly become a problem and cost factor. This does not apply if you create a flipbook with Bote™ - after all, digitalisation does not incur any major costs. Both printing and shipping costs decrease considerably. In addition, the lower paper consumption protects the environment: the publication form is paperless and sustainable.

  5. Reach beyond the region
    Your advantage of digital marketing is that you get a higher reach. Potential customers no longer only become aware of the publication in their home shop, but can also find it online when searching or via recommendations.


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