With the online menu maker from Bote™
it is very easy to create digital menu cards

The way to the online menu for browsing could not be easier. Bote™ converts many things automatically in the background and makes it as easy as possible for you to create them:

01. Register and upload PDF

Upload your menu as PDF. The online menu generator from Bote™ converts your content into a search engine-friendly HMTL PDF with the page-turning effect.

02. Design your menu

In addition to images, you can also use the Bote™ online menu creator to integrate videos and image galleries into your flip page menu. Thus creating a new multimedia experience for your customers.

03. Use your online menu

Publish your digital flip page menu and share it via social media, email, or embed your menu into your website. It is not longer to bother with PDF download. Turn prospects into customers.

Present modern and sustainable with Bote™

Our online menu software opens up completely new possibilities for you to advertise your offer. For example, with the Bote™ software you can create the following formats in addition to online menu cards:

  • Lead on the internet:
    With a online menu for restaurants you can give your  business a modern appearance on the Internet. The multimedia online menu design will inspire your customers and attract new prospects. Another advantage: Your visitors no longer have to download your PDF and therefore the menus can be viewed faster.
  • Save costs through sustainablility:
    Your digital menu is not only beautiful to look at on your homepage: You can also integrate it into your business and thus switch from printed menus. This saves printing costs and reduces your paper consumption. So you do something for the environment at the same time.
  • Expand your internet presence:
    Reach your customers on the Internet and offer them the opportunity to get to know your products digitally. The clever HTML format also ensures better visibility on the web - at no extra cost.

Digitalization in terms of menus

The menu cards created with the online menu builder from Bote™ are optimized for each end device. They can be read just as well on a smartphone as on a tablet, for example. So you can also use the digital menu in a restaurant.

  1. Strengthen your own internet presence with a digital menu
    Most restaurants and cafés have their own web presence in this day and age. But often it only shows important information like the address and opening hours. However, many people who are looking for your restaurant on the Internet want more information. And ideally an insight into your menu. You can now integrate this directly into your website.

  2. Helpful tools for optimized content
    The Bote™ software offers you numerous possibilities to adapt the online menu optimally for your customers and search engines. The versatile HTML5 format ensures a better ranking in the search results at Google and Co. For example, greet your customers personally in a small video. Or give your readers a look behind the scenes into the kitchen. There are no limits to creativity and customization.

  3. Sharing is caring – easy sharing on all channels
    You cannot only integrate your new flip page online menu on your website. Thanks to the "One-Click-Sharing" function you can also publish it directly on your social media channels. By using this feature you will increases your digital reach. And generate new prospects that are directed to your website.

  4. Special extra: identify reader behaviour
    With the smart publishing solution from Bote™ you can learn to understand your readers. A tracking tool records the reading behaviour of your users, Thus it helps you to understand what your potential customers are interested in and what content appeals to them most.

  5. Sustainability already today in your company
    Are you interested in focusing on sustainability in your catering business and introducing a 100% paper-free solution in the area of advertising? With a digital menu card you not only have a sustainable solution at hand. You also save the high costs of printing printed advertising material - a solution that convinces on every level.


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