• More reach, more traffic, more sales
    Increased visibility will attract new readers and your documents will become new sources of income.
  • Search Engine Presence
    "The best place to hide a body is on page two of Google search results." - A saying with truth to it. We help you to get to the top of the search results.
  • Smart content
    When converting your PDF into an HTML5 document, we optimize the text the way Google & Co. love it. This way you can reach even more interested parties.

Grow in record time:
Increase reach and win new customers

With the smart publishing solution from Bote™ you can increase your reach
and also help the environment.

  1. Improved visibility = More traffic
    In addition to improved search engine readability, positive user signals and length of stay are important ranking factors. Embed your HTML PDF on your website and make sure that visitors stay longer on the site.

  2. Digital presence = More sales
    Through your digital reach you will receive more visits from relevant users. These convert demonstrably better and also show an increased value of goods. With digital publications, you avoid paper. A responsible approach that users appreciate.

  3. HTML content = More visibility
    With us, you can convert your PDF into an HTML format that search engines can read better and thus better list. Appear more often in the search result lists and make sure that searchers notice you.

  4. User focus = Enthusiastic readers
    By including links, images, sounds or video clips, you create a multimedia reading experience with your publications and ensure more registrations of qualified leads with a high purchase intent.

  5. Performance tracking = Optimized content
    The Bote™ tracking tools give you comprehensive insights into the behaviour of your target group, how they interact with your content and what goes down particularly well. Make use of this knowledge.

Smart and simple
In 3 steps to the finished HTML publication

Bote™ optimizes the content of your documents the way search engines love it. This increases your visibility and ensures more visitors to your website.

01. Upload PDF
and convert into HTML5

Create your account with a few clicks and upload your PDF by drag & drop or direct selection. Our online publishing software automatically converts your file into HTML format.

With our editor you can easily add pictures, photo galleries, videos, links or audio files. Your document becomes a multimedia experience that invites your customers to linger.

Eliminating paper and the HTML conversion of your content are not the only advantages. Integrate your HTML PDF into your website for greater reach. Share it also via email or social media.

Save resources and increase reach at the same time - Bote™

We reduce your paper consumption and take care of the digitalization of your documents:

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